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FM Global Mobility Services - Cross-Cultural

You want to get your candidate up and running effectively on their new international assignment?

International projects are often complex, no matter if you are dealing with the the relocation of your expatriates and their families, the onboarding of a new employee from abroad, the new formation of an overseas branch or the.preparation for a certain international business situation.

Future Manager supports companies worldwide on-site and online with intercultural high-tech and high touch solutions.

Onsite: In-person cross-cultural trainings in 140+ countries

Expertise of a worldwide network of more than 450 international coaches and trainers.

Our crosscultural classroom trainings, workshops and coachings with experienced country experts are designed for an in-depth preparation for specific target cultures. Whether you aim for a a cross-cultural preparation training, an international teambuilding, global sales, negotiations abroad, or any other international business activity – our experts and trainers have expertise in over 140 countries and cultures.

Online: cross-cultural Videos, eLearning courses, 24/7 online coaching for 140+ countries

Expertise of a worldwide network of 450+ online experts and coaches.

Are you looking for a solution that is directly and 24/7 available? Our partner crossculture2go is your one-stop marketplace for videos, eLearning courses and live coaching sessions on business cultures around the world. Together with crossculture2go our mission is to make crosscultural support accessible, affordable, and convenient – so that anyone who is dealing with or preparing for a challenging international business situation can get instant support – anytime, anywhere.

Employee Experience:

Impact on Relocation Experience and Job Performance

Fast Start

Get your employees up and running effectively on new international assignments

Productivity Boost

Reduce loss of productivity and burnout associated with the relocation stress

Support Family

Increase assignment success rate by offering career transition support and coaching benefit to the accompanying partner.

More Engagment

Support lower absenteeism in the first year after the move due to adaption challenges.

Greater Communication

Improve interaction between cultures in personal life and on global teams.

Happy Employee

Improve the overall relocation experience and levels of satisfaction with HR and relocation support.